Louisiana Field Archery Association's Constitution (as of Aug 2018)

National Field Archery Association (NFAA) - is the parent organization of RRBAC.  This association helps organize and host field, target, and 3D tournments all over the country.  Below is a link to their constitution and rule book:  NFAA Constitution and Rules .  

NFAA Division/Style Nomenclature - this page shows what the NFAA acronyms refer to for all age divisions and shooting syles.  

NFAA Bylaws Relating to Archery Competition - these bylaws are taken directly out of the NFAA Constititution and Rules and cover the rules for the different archery styles, age divisions and official archery games.  

NFAA Shooting Styles Cheat Sheet - this is a graphical representation of what is allowable in each NFAA shooting style.  Please note that the full breakdown of each style should be referenced in the NFAA Constitution and Rules .